Technology & Innovation

Future-driven aquaculture

Space-grade breeding program

With strict quality control and careful selection of specimens, our fish farms house only the best smolts, post-smolts and salmon, resulting in high survival rates and healthy, balanced and efficient fish populations.

Cyclical feeding

Smolts, pots-smolts and salmon each get their own highly specialized and maximally sustainable feed. Our fish food contains a mix of healthy ingredients such as meal from sustainably caught krill and fish oil. Our Patagonia King Salmon also gets feed containing black soldier fly larvae – grown using our farm’s own by-products – in cooperation with Natpro. All fish get a superb, nutritious diet that we are continuously scientifically evolving to maximize sustainability.

98% water efficiency

Advanced organic filtration

Our advanced RAS system uses water as efficiently as possible. 98% of the water is treated, filtered organically and reutilized in the production process.