We farm forward for a better planet

Guided by science, driven by technology, we develop aquaculture solutions with a profound commitment to improve our planet.

Committed to improve

Our mission is a never-ending journey of improvement – we are constantly inventing new ways and on the lookout for better, more sustainable farming methods.

Sourcing sustainably

We pick and choose today’s most sustainable resources with the goal of minimizing environmental impact.

Advanced RAS system

We are pioneers of Recirculation Aquaculture Systems. By filtering and recycling water, we ensure the well-being of our fish and avoid negative impact on local marine flora and fauna.

Why us

Advanced aquaculture

Our RAS system reuses 98% of water

Reduced waste

We minimize environmental impact

Superior quality

Healthy fish: superb quality

Marine conservation

Created to preserve flora and fauna

our farm

Animal welfare matters

By using RAS technology, we are able to optimize all water parameters. Temperature, oxygen, carbon dioxide, pH, salinity and many more variables are finetuned to ensure the well-being of the fish.

More about our farm

our farm

Fundacion Legado Chile

Our environmental commitment goes beyond Sealand Aquaculture; we support the Chilean NGO Fundación Legado Chile that aims to conserve the basin of the river Maullín and its beautiful surroundings. The river Maullín is a principal river in the south of Chile, connecting Chile’s biggest lake, Lago Llanquihue, to the Pacific Ocean.

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