The right stuff: our forward farmed smolts

Seaworthy smolts and post-smolts

Our land-based farms are leading the way for the future of smolt production. Constantly driven to new heights by innovative technologies, we produce smolts and post-smolts of optimal quality with first-rate efficiency and sustainability.

From egg certification to post-smolt

Our production process consists of five phases – all of which are constantly controlled and monitored to ensure the timely delivery of exemplary smolts to our clients.

Production process

Egg reception

Strict quality control ensures that only certified pathogen-free eggs are used in production.


Eyed eggs are incubated and hatched. The fingerlings are transferred to “first feeding.”

First feeding

The fingerlings are fed a specially formulated diet for early development until they weigh in at 2 grams.


At 20 grams, the fish are graded and distributed into subgroups – growing until they reach 50 grams.


The process of smoltification – natural adaptation to seawater – is triggered by adapting the day-night rhythm while the fish are simultaneously vaccinated for biosecurity.

Biosecurity protocols

We ensure full compliance with all biosecurity protocols designed to prevent the spreading of pathogens.

  • Full separation of all processes between the various epidemiological units, groups of fishes with the same exposure to infections.
  • Certification of all sanitary processes for eggs entering the facility such as the spawning of brood stock and the screening of eggs.
  • Complete disinfection of all production systems at regular intervals certified by external audits.
  • Disinfection of the effluent water.
  • Full control of all movements at the farm: people, vehicles, boats, equipment, feed suppliers and others.
  • Constant monitoring of fish health and responsible disposal of mortality.
  • Control over all vectors of disease transmission.