Our story starts in Patagonia

From breaking point to breakthrough

In 2008, the salmon industry in Chili faced its biggest crisis yet. An unprecedented outbreak of infectious salmon anemia (ISA) decimated the population of salmon farms, cutting down salmon and smolt production by close to 75%. At the same time, it was becoming clear that farming salmon in the traditional way for a growing global demand was becoming less sustainable. It was time for a big change.

Thinking forward:

The story of our founders

Around the time of the ISA crisis, our pioneering founders – Oscar Gárate and Hans den Bieman – envisioned a better way that would contribute to changing the salmon farming industry for better. A safer, more sustainable way to farm salmon, using modern recirculating aquaculture systems on land and putting science and technology at the heart of their business.

The solution

Forward farming

In 2008, our first land-based aquaculture system became operational; developed to farm smolt and salmon more safely, sustainably and efficiently. A second farm was built in 2010. The total surface area of both farms is over 22,000 square meters. Each farm produces smolts for a specific client according to the standards and procedures developed by Sealand, supervised by our clients. In 2020, we also started to apply our new technology to farming King Salmon, originally derived from wild Patagonian stock. Driven by science, we strive to supply superior fish for a range of industries that are a cut above the rest – maximum quality, minimal impact.